Dentist for Kids in Wynnewood

Teaching children how to effectively and adequately take care of their teeth and overall oral health will determine how they care for their teeth when adults. We believe that starting healthy habits and practices young will help their teeth stay healthy for years and years to come. Seeing a dentist for kids that treat adults is convenient and best for kids’ oral health. 


Children’s Dental Services 

When it comes to helping kids with their oral health, you must utilize all preventative treatments and measures available. It can be challenging for kids to clean their teeth properly, but the difference will be made up by having additional preventative treatments. The services we have for kids include: 







Why see a Dentist for Kids? 

Seeing a dentist specializing in giving children dental treatment will make your child’s experience in the dental chair so much more comfortable and fun. Most children have anxiety and fear going to the dentist because of the sounds, environment, and not wanting things in their mouths. If this is your child, this response is entirely normal. 

Dr. Ledbetter offers minor sedation dentistry for children to help them feel more relaxed during necessary dental procedures. Laughing gas is available for all patients but especially helps children feel more relaxed and comfortable. 

Each member of our staff has been trained to help children throughout their experience in our office feel more comfortable and excited for dental treatment. Our priority is to help them develop a positive relationship with receiving dental care. 


Call Wynnewood Family Dental, Today 

If your child in the past has struggled with going to the dentist and receiving dental care, please give our office a call so we can help you improve their relationship. Oral health care can be complex with children, but we want to help you.